Sunday, August 9, 2009

nicaragua and unpredictable


so just think about the word. does it entice you or scare you. now really think. each day what are the moments or parts of the day that are completely unpredictable?

you see i think i have finally grasp the social aspect behind why the mcdonalds franchise is all over the world and why it is that starbucks always seems to have line out the door. it’s predictable. you know what you want. you get it. plain and simple. people like it. or marketing gurus will claim they are “lovin’ it”

so take inventory. what is unpredictable for you? daily? weekly? monthly? have we not formed and or become formed to such a structured society that what you know is what you get? as long as you know the lingo for your non fat soy (tall!~right? i always say medium to get a rise) latte...then you’re ready to go. know what you want and it will be ready presto even with your name on it....seriously what service.

yet what about those new to it all? maybe i don’t know what it is exactly what i want. can i try a latte? have an explanation of a frappicinno? what’s the big deal about a value meal. already i feel the people behind me breathing down my neck.

so what happens when you take away the predictability?

for me i’ve come to realize there are pros and cons, or rather learning curves. you see at first their is a rush of excitement for such different choices....of course beyond a drink or a burger....but we’ll keep with those for an analogy......yet with time you realize how very limited those choices have become. though you begin to feel a sense of connection to what it is you want or desire it never ends up the same. hence the variety may not be as wide and still you just never know what you’re going to get.

predictable is solid and yet now i feel it is almost taken for granted. for instance at any minute i could loose power here “just because”, now i don’t dare predict it, as it’s never quiet the convenience as it just happens. yet no one skips a beat. no one’s blood pressure rises, no one tenses, and it just is. unpredictable. thought to be “uncontrollable” so you just keep going about. if it requires power than that action is put on hold. and can you believe it goes on.

now of course there are solutions. and believe me coming from predictable it takes some adaptation to not trying and solve everything. yet i have to say i love the common sense of embracing the unpredictable, almost to a point where i realize why fix it? can we not enjoy something that we didn’t expect?

then let’s also be real ---the other predictable part can’t hide for too long. after all it was raised within you. you come to crave what you know is good and solid. you find the place for the best cup of coffee, you know after experimentation what you can and can’t eat, and you learn to carry an umbrella and never expect a ride.

yet all those can’t beat the constant change in everything that seems so unpredictable. each day brings about something new, and yet i have to believe as we all look closer the same naturally surrounds you!

from the massive tide, the group of weekly monkeys, the wild lighting storms, the non stop down pour of rain or burning sun, the available local fresh produce, the guy that gives you the such needed ride, the hope for the phone to work, the goal to make it into town, the wonder of receiving mail, the desire for a planned solid meal, the inquiry for help with a bicycle repair, the desire for hot water to wash clothes, the unknown new friend that accompanies your day, the bright new phrase or word that you learn, the breakthrough of conversation, the “typical” meal that you eat, the money that you earn, the new gravel road that you travel, the influx of tourists into town, the new eye contact of a stranger, the unknown exploration of the jungle, the challenge of paying a bill without a bill or local bank account, the mission to start a project without a system to follow, the hope that you’re around when the phone rings to answer, the careful walking to get the eggs home safely, the new feeling that arises as you awake each day, the satisfaction when the streets are wet, the amazement of stumbling upon a horse on your beach path or a cow in your driveway, the random smell from your dog who has been exploring, the spontaneity to get a haircut because the one parlor has an open seat, the refreshing taste of a glass soda if the bottles have arrived back full, the simplicity of a coconut falling to break your trail, the unexpected not being able to cross the boarder into nicaragua because your passport expires in six months!? i’m sorry i thought at least an expiration date was predictable-november 2009....yet nope unpredictable once again!?

though unpredictable it is just living. everyone simply is just being. and though structures can be in place it seems predictability escapes out the window.

from a margarita pizza with cheese and tomato sauce...not too hard an electric outlet just never know. expectations can leave you disappointed and yet without knowing you can find yourself SO very pleasantly surprised.

let me also add here that the sunsets at 6pm, so after a very unpredictable day. you can predict to retire as soon as the lights are out. whether you embrace prediction and go for the cheap glass of wine or simply embrace what happens after the dark fills the night- the sun is one you can count on...and like to admit it or not, it brings a nice bit of structure to the beginning and end of each day. for though you may not know anything, and it is usually better not to make an can count on the sun rays giving you a rest after 6pm and by 9pm the orchestra of waves, insects, and wind are there to greet you or rock you to sleep.

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