Monday, December 14, 2009

day of rest

saturday the day of rest

some days you awake and just assume everything will be as it is.
the monkeys howl at 5am, the sun peaks through the bird of paradise around 5:30, the quick to rise husband starts the coffee at 6am and by 7 your day begins.

yet some days you wake and think maybe i’ll start this day as i choose. i’ll make the coffee, i’ll add to my journal, i’ll rebuild the compost, and as a day of rest unfolds so does life itself.

after the warmth of a morning cup of costa rican coffee and the fulfillment of knowing you have no need to go farther than the hammock on the front porch you begin to set into saturday, the day of rest.

resting and being brings about so much discovery and self realization. as you take the time to just be, really enjoying each sip and taking each breath the body and mind embrace the fact that going nowhere means you are going to go all over within this day.

as the sun shines through the banana trees and the mind begins to take over the peaceful moment thoughts arise and so do life. crossing the road of newly flattened rocks arises a beautiful, thick yet slender, powerful yet poised boa constrictor.

now i tend to think of myself as small yet mighty, however watching a creature on ground double the length of my body and at least if not bigger than the size of my thigh, i begin to think.....can this be a day of rest? could he/she boa not simply rest in his/her tree and leave me to my hammock, day dreams, meditations, and rest? yet as a wave crashes and the white wash lets you know it was there the head pushed forward and the tail came graciously behind. watching such a large methodical creature was as if seeing an alligator in slow motion and feeling it’s thought process before, during and after it’s movements.

needless to say the first cup of morning coffee is chilly but the body is warm and energized at this point. and though a day of rest never calls for getting out of what you wake up in, i began to realize that our national geographic front yard was calling attention from all who pasted by and it may be best to keep the highlight on the boa rather than the partially dressed wife. not wanting to miss a thing i run to find more clothing and realize as i return, that my friend the boa came to teach me a lesson.

you see as i rushed and quickly returned, there was no change, took his time and did his best to plan and prepare for what was going to be his new resting spot. you see his presence let me see and understand that change is constant yet during the process one must take deep breaths and enjoy the journey. surely he’d only made it across a dirt road,from our observations, yet you could see that was not important. it’s not where he was coming from, or where he was going....but who he was. should you ever have a day to watch a boa (pardon my french- a big ass boa) in your front yard you realize they are amazing and almost intimately inspiring creatures. they don’t wish for alot of attention, rather simply keep to what they are and who they are. they breathe such life and pass such a strong energy of peace, with each muscular movement of strength only meant to sustain life and be comfortable in their found habitat.

back in the hammock, another fresh cup of coffee i find myself happy with my encounter of my friend buena the boa. his presence made more sense than i had imagined. at first i thought i’d rather him stay hidden away so i would not have to realize that i’m sharing this jungle with so many creatures however i who you are---where you are---be your best---be strong---don’t take it personal when others don’t embrace you--just keep pushing or sliding through, for life is ahead and yet there is no path to just keep going.