Friday, August 21, 2009


Luna de miel....honey moon....oh how i hope to learn this concept in every language.

some words just feel good as they roll off you tongue...

dream catcher....atrapa suenos..... the future name of our sail boat....

Yet back to HONEY MOON.

You see most seek that week of pure bliss, indulging in every free cocktail and buffet, or the best resort on the most secluded island. yet for me i see something different.
bare with me as i tend to over analyze just about everything.

HONEY. a beautiful, sweet, syrup like consistancy that comes from the hive of bees. honey is not made in a day or a week, but rather a swarm of bees take pride in creating and maintaining a hive in order to please the queen bee.

MOON. a ever present light in the sky. with each day and month a change from full, to new, to crescent. always there to observe, women again have a strong connection to the cycle of the moon, and throughout the world different celebrations happen on the full moon or even more extravagant on a lunar eclipse.

so now think- honeymoon. HONEY and MOON.

why has this ever been promoted as a a a small amount of time to feel sweet and special.

honey is made through a process, with team work, and a natural process of life.

moon is there. each night. whatever happens in the day you know you can rely on the moon being available and illuminating the night sky.

so you see i have a new theory- honeymoon is something that must be a natural process that is always present. just having spent two nights in an amazing resort with my husband of 4 months i can completely understand the marketing scheme and the purpose of taking time to be away from everything. i won’t for one minute pretend i didn’t enjoy saying a room # and having no idea the price of the amazing cocktail i was slurping down.

let me just say the mission-keep it real and natural (honey over sugar) and keep it realistic and consistent (lunar calendar over simply a calendar of to do lists)

life passes so quickly. each day with a sunrise and a sunset you choose to make it what it is. so choose to do something sweet. choose to do something solid. whether your newly wed, best friend or parent- make life a honeymoon.....for it is SO!

There is no reason that a marriage shouldn’t be called a honeymoon. why has something so long and solid as marriage lead people to think such an array of thoughts, both confusing and contradicting? I refuse it.

Honey is not an easy process, yet it’s made. Sometimes through the clouds you can’t see the moon,yet it is always there. either way with effort, consistency and commitment the sweetness is at the lick of your lips and the solid light is there to lead you down the right path.

to a long life of honeymooning....

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  1. Good theory and nice telling! I like the voice in this, Maren, keep it up!