Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my best friend

i believe i’ve come to overstand the definition of a best friend.

beyond the good times, endless talks, new experience, deep feelings..a best friend is a simple connection to a sense of divinity, a sense that without words you are truly understood. the point is that your best friend is not there for advice, direction, or even input, rather they are there. the one soul that reaches deep within you and you find yourself feeling more upbeat and more centered just by their presence.

i am also coming to understand that i’m blessed to have so many souls of this description enter my life. with an open heart it is amazing the variety of beats that life seems to drum up and all the different rhythms that seem to naturally shake your tail.

brady love anderson. june first two thousand and nine. mal pais, costa rica.
the one drummer that was always on my exact same beat.

a friend once gave me a quote that has been an inspiration and now remains a dedication to live by...
“Dear God, Please help me to be the person my dog thinks I am”

the eyes of a completely open heart, of unconditional love, and full admiration are the eyes that at this very moment i long to see. brady love had that middle name given to him from the moment i met him, till the moment i spread soil over his resting place, til the moment i tell my children of his legend. a best friend beyond words, always there.

as life continues to prove the energy that is created between beings, i realize that words mean less and feelings transpire so much more. anything that shakes your soul can simply not be described. it is simply overstood.

sixteen years of a shadow and sixteen years of a light.
leader and follower. friend and family. sidekick and frontier. adventure and stability. sleeping bag and hammock. ocean and river. hard times and good. constant and change. discovery and stagnant. history and future. sweat and tears. movement and stillness. familiar and unknown. challenge and complacency. gain and loss. fear and excitement. stumps and growth. new and old. song and dance.

for so long without knowing the music, the song and dance have naturally occurred. best friends complete the flow of life; helping to unfold each morning that awakes with a sense of security knowing you have a better half to lean on through it all. brady was such a large part of that bright light each morning. waking up to a head over heels in love husband and two loyal companions will make any woman feel she’s “standing on the moon”, unable to imagine anything less than that level of intimacy.

brady was and will always be my “home”. home has expanded since brady and i first met. finally a secure sense knowing that michael is “home” and my heart is safe. he left a month after walking me down the aisle. his job over all these years, was so well done. he was my heart, home and holistic family for sixteen years. with complete devotion, dedication, and dogma.

my prayer now is that i cultivate gratitude for all the beautiful souls that are in, have touched and continue to blossom within my life. after all the tears and a wrenched heart, i am filled with love for how much i connected with a being.

for this i come to understand that no words can describe the admiration, devotion, respect, sincerity, and amistad that is held for a best friend.

always there. no words needed. no physical presence needed. just an established unconditional love that will push you over any mountain and cross you over any stream.

thank you brady for all the years. your determination is my inspiration. all my love.

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